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†Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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arcancil cosmetics introduction

Why Stanley chose Arcancil

In searching for a color cosmetic line to complement our Lactessens Skin Care, Stanley wanted to find a company that felt as strongly about quality and customer satisfaction as we do. We looked for a company with a history of excellence and accountability and for a product that would compete with the top selling cosmetic color products sold in the United States. Arcancil Cosmetics of Paris fit our needs perfectly. This business was started by two brothers, one a chemist and the other a colorist, over 65 years ago in 1935. Their initial success was in supplying actors and actresses color products for the stage and movie performances. At the time Arcancilís core product was a cake mascara that became world renowned because there was nothing of its quality and performance available. This was the beginning of Arcancilís mission to be on the leading edge of color fashion and technology, always building their line on what women wanted and needed to feel and look their best.

Arcancil prides itself on being a leader in French color cosmetics and keeping its focus on the heart of the fashion industry in Paris. The colors and product quality are exceptional, and the emphasis on personal enhancement through the use of color products is at the forefront of the company's efforts. Arcancil competes with department store lines such as LancŰme, Esteť Lauder, Dior and Clinique.

Stanley Home Products is proud to bring the fine French Cosmetics of Arcancil to the United States and to the thousands of Stanley Customer Representatives interested in personal care. Only SHP will be selling this line in the United States, and we hope you will use this product as a way to build your business while keeping with the Stanley tradition of excellence and quality.

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