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 Tuesday, May 22, 2018 
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Arcancil Beauty Products Demonstration

arcancil cosmetics makeup

Arcancil Training Guide

I am happy to be with you to share our fine French Cosmetic Line, Arcancil. Stanley Home Products has the exclusive rights to sell Arcancil in the United States. It competes in Europe with lines such as Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Dior.

I am happy to show Arcancil to you for three reasons:

1. Arcancil saves you time. It can be applied in 5 minutes with 5 simple steps. Your time is valuable, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't spend time to look your best. I am going to show you a way to do that.

2. Arcancil is simple to use. The quality of the product and ease of application brings out your best features and compliments what you are wearing. We use a simple system to help you select colors that will enhance your appearance.

3. Stanley has designed a set that will allow to you select all your colors and has offered it to you at a savings so you can have the complete color look that you want.


We will start our Simply 5ive Makeover to show you how easy Arcancil is to use.

We are going to cleanse, tone, and moisturize our skin to prepare it for the color we are going to use.

While you are preparing your skin, let me remind you that Stanley offers each of this opportunities:

1. Purchase Stanley Home Care or Personal Care Products.

3. Become a Stanley Customer Representative.


Arcancil System Introduction

  • There are many ways to apply color for different effects.
  • We will do a simple makeover that everyone can use everyday to enhance their appearance.
  • Our goal is to make color simple and effective for you. The Arcancil Simply 5ive Makeover has 5 steps and takes only five minutes once you learn it. 
  • On the Profile I have given each of you, please feel free to write notes about your own color choices.
  • We will start the makeover by identifying which colors look best on you.
  • We designate colors as warm, cool, and neutral. Warm colors have a yellow base, cool colors have a blue base, and neutrals have neither.
  • Most people have warm or cool undertones to their skin. This means certain colors look better on them because they enhance those undertones.
  • People with warm undertones look best in: olive green, mustard yellow, teal, yellow-based reds, beige and ivory.
  • People with cool undertones look best in: blue, dark green, purple, pink, pure white, and blue-based reds.
  • Most people can wear neutrals, but some need to balance the neutrals with specific colors from their color family to avoid looking washed out.
  • Neutral colors are: beiges, tans, grays, and off-whites that have neither a yellow nor a blue base.
  • To identify your undertone and select your color family simply answer the following questions:
  • What colors do you wear the most?
  • What color do you get a lot of compliments on?
  • Is the color you are wearing now a typical color from your wardrobe?
  • Write these colors on your Profile sheet. Check off if you are a warm or a cool.

The Makeover has 5 steps and will take you no more that 5 minutes in the morning. You can enhance your look for evening by using darker, more dramatic colors.

These are the 5ive Steps:

1. Concealer and foundation
2. Eyes
3. Cheeks
4. Lips
5. Powder and Set

There are two color principles we will be using when we do our Simply 5ive Makeover.

One, We will be concentrating on creating a balanced triangle of color with your Eyes, your Cheeks, and your Lips. When all three of these areas are in harmony with color that balances with your clothing color, you can have a more complete and finished look.

And two, We will use our color, remembering that light brings out and dark recedes. For example, if you use a darker blush below your cheek bones, it makes that area recede. If you use a lighter one along your cheekbone, it makes that area come out. Using that idea, we can make anyone's cheekbones more prominent.


Step 1: Concealer and Foundation

Concealer    concealer 

The concealer is used to minimize fine lines, blemishes, and dark circles. Match as close to your skin as possible, and then blend outward from where you applied it. For a more natural look do not cake on concealer; just cover to minimize.

Foundation    foundation 

The Arcancil Silk Foundation is a very light formula with excellent coverage. It evens your complexion and prepares your face for color.

Select the color closest to your skin color by trying a small dab on the inside of your wrist and blending.

To apply use a dab the size of a dime, dot in five areas as shown on the Profile. Blend in outward, upward strokes.

Blend foundation up into hairline and down under jaw line.

Here's a helpful hint: use concealer over foundation in fine line area to minimize even more. The slightly lighter color will "bring out" the fine line area minimizing the line.

Step 2: The Eyes

The eye area is usually the most prominent part of the face. You can use color to create a dramatic look, emphasize eye color, or simply draw attention to that area of your face.

Eye Pencil    eye pencil 

We start by lining the eyes to give definition to their shape.

Line lower lid from just right of center out to corner, then line top lid from inner corner to outer corner.

Keep line along lash area and smudge for a more natural look.

Eye Shadow    eye shadow 

There are two colors in each eye shadow compact. The darker one is used to give depth and color. The lighter one is used to highlight the eye.

Use darker color eye shadow color on lid. Start with inner corner of crease and follow out to corner. Form a triangle from about mid-lid to outside corner.

Use lighter color to highlight brow and inner corner. This will "bring out" this area of the eye.

Blend light color from inner corner of lid into darker color so no line is left at mid-lid area.

TIP:  Darker and heavier-applied color provide a more dramatic look you might use with evening wear.


Mascara    mascara 

Apply mascara on both bottom and top lashes.

Apply mascara now and once more at the end of your Simply 5ive Makeover.

Lengthen and thicken lashes.

Remember, never share mascara. It is one of easiest ways to pass infections along.

Step 3: Cheek Color

The cheek color balances the color of the eyes and lips.

It brings a healthy appearance to your complexion and can help emphasize the angles of the face.

Draw imaginary line from center of pupil to bottom of nose. This is as far as your cheek color should go to look natural.

Cheek Blusher     

Apply blush color along cheekbone from the ear/hair line forward to avoid "red spot" occurring when you start on the front of the cheek.

TIP:  Using the color principle that light brings out and dark recedes, enhance cheekbones by using a darker color blush below the cheekbone and a lighter color on the cheek bone.

To narrow a wide face, apply blush color at a sharper upward angle.

To widen a narrow face, apply blush in a more horizontal line toward hairline.

Step 4: Lips

The lips can either balance out the final area of coloron the face or become a focal point depending on theintensity of color used. The darker the color, the more dramatic the look.

Lip Pencil    lip pencil 

Line outside edge of lips to give form and definition and to help keep lipstick from bleeding.

Line inside outer edge of lips to make lips appear smaller.

Line on outer edge of lips to make lips appear larger.

Coloring in entire lip with liner will help lip color to stay longer and minimize bleeding of lipstick.

Lipstick    lipstick 

Cover lips within lined area.

TIP:  Use lip gloss for added shine.

TIP:  Use lip balm under lipstick as a moisturizer, or over lipstick for slight shine.

Lip balm has an SPF of 20 and can be used alone.

Step 5: Compact Powder and second Mascara.

Compact Powder    compact powder 

It is important to "set" your makeup for the day. Powder helps your color adhere to your skin and gives you a matte, finished look.

Gently brush pressed powder over eye lids, cheek, and lips to set applied color.

Powder can be applied during the day to reset color.

Apply second coat of mascara lengthen and thicken lashes.



How do you think you look?

Don't your colors coordinate beautifully together?

How simple was the Simply 5ive Makeover to do?

Is this something you could do most days?

You may purchase anything you want, but the best purchase you can make is the Simply 5ive Set.

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