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Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Includes Extra Bonus Vinyl Blade Rotor!

Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper
Price - $49.99
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    Product Description
Use it anywhere! No electricity needed! No cords to mess with!
Use for fast, easy cleanup jobs! Great for apartments, offices, campers, homes...any place needing a quick and easy cleanup!
Lightweight, quiet Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is just the thing for quick touch-ups and small jobs inevitable in every household. Natural bristle rotor brush gathers everything from dust to ash to paper clips and glass. Use on carpeted and hard surface floors for fast and easy cleaning.
Indestructible metal housing
Protective rubber bumper guard
Corner brush cleaning
Reversible cleaning action
Seven inch fast pick-up sweeping path
Heavy gauge four section metal handle
Durable baked enamel finish
Large capacity, easy emptying dual collection compartments